If you’re going to use a bike for transport on a regular basis, you’ll need to be able to carry things. Your cargo might include a packed lunch, bike tools, papers and a change of clothes. And if you think you might need to buy something while you’re in town, you’ll need some spare capacity to take that item home! This means investing in bike luggage.

There are some very small bags out there for use on bikes, but if you’re using a bike every day you’ll probably need luggage that’s big enough to carry a fair amount of stuff. Here there are two practical options: panniers and a rack pack. Pannier bags mount either side of a rack. A rack pack is a medium-sized bag that sits on top of it.

A frame bag is a small pouch that attaches to the bike’s top tube. It’s useful for small items that you need quick access to such as your phone, keys and multi-tool – items that you might want to keep separate from the rest of your luggage. A storage bottle does the same job but sits in a bottle cage. You could make a storage pod to do the same job.