Bottle cage storage pod


A storage bottle provides convenient, waterproof storage for puncture repair kit and valuables. It can be stowed in the waterbottle cage and it’s easily located and removed when the bike is parked. If there’s no cage, the bottle can be stowed in a pannier or rack pack. Storage bottles can be bought from Evans and other outlets.

This page explains how to make something similar from used waterbottles. This design takes advantage of the fact that waterbottles are not made to exactly the same diameter. It involves cutting the tops off two bottles and fitting them together to create a waterproof chamber.


  • Two round plastic bottles of slightly different diameters. One of the bottles needs to fit snugly inside the other, i.e. the internal diameter of the large bottle should match the external diameter of the small one, or be a mm larger. A table salt bottle can be used as the small bottle and a used waterbottle can be used as the large one.
  • Stanley knife
  • Sandpaper


  1. Cut the tops off the bottles to create two cylinders of the same height.
  2. Press the larger cylinder over the smaller one, open end first. This forms the pod.
  3. Stow the pod in the waterbottle cage with the large end uppermost.
  4. If the pod is too long for the cage, cut down the cylinders so the pod fits.
  5. Sand the cut edges so they are not sharp.


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