Commuter cyclist riding mountain bike for transport in Manchester

Everyone has routines

If you’re used to driving for your day to day journeys, or taking public transport, you pretty much organise your life around that mode of transport. These routines may be such an integral part of life, you’re not even aware of them, but they’re there.

For instance, as a driver, you make sure you pick up your car keys when you leave the house – you might have a special place to keep them so you always know where they are. You also plan where you’re going to park. Perhaps you have some tools in the back of the car in case you break down.

If you take the bus to work, you might take a waterproof jacket when it’s raining; you might make sure you have the right bus fare – or close to it – and you’ll almost certainly decide in advance where you’ll get off the bus.

So, whether you’re a car driver or bus user (or both), the chances are you have developed some simple routines to integrate your chosen mode of transport with your life.

What to plan as a cyclist

Cycling every day gets easier with planning too. As a cyclist, you might plan what you’re going to take with you and how you’ll secure your bike when you arrive. You might also plan what you’ll wear on your journey, especially if it’s a long journey, to make it comfortable. This section of the section can help you plan those routines.

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Where to put the bike, how to maintain it

Day to day cycling is more convenient when you have a proper place to store your bike at home and when you know about the regular maintenance a bike needs. Click a question to read more.