Twitter is where I share the news and reviews of bikes, cycling accessories and cycle clothing I find appealing. I’m interested in the stuff people make (and the stuff people sell) to make cycling more doable. Stuff that makes it easier to integrate cycling with everyday life.

The tone is probably quite geeky. Actually, not ‘probably’. It’s decidedly geeky. But when you’re enthusiastic about something, what can you do, except be enthusiastic about it. So there you have it. A geeky Twitter feed about utility cycling stuff.

Why @usefulbikes?

Do you want the official reason, or the truth? Usefulbikes sums up what this website is about: bikes with a purpose; cycling as a means of getting from A to B to do things (things other than cycling).

The truth is CyclingForTransport didn’t fit the character limit for a Twitter handle.

What you’ll find on the @usefulbikes Twitter feed

  • Nice people making cool stuff for cyclists
  • Shops that have sales on useful cycling stuff
  • And when someone posts a cycling photo that makes me laugh, I’ll retweet that. Funny cycling pictures. Actually, that mostly what you’ll see. I’m lazy
  • But no photos of cats. Not even cycling cats.
  • Imagine that, though. A cycling cat. That would so good.
  • So maybe cats riding bicycles. As long as they’re pedalling.
  • But not pictures of breakfast. Everyone posts pictures of their breakfast, but I have to draw the line somewhere, so this is a non-breakfast Twitter feed.

If that sounds exactly like the Twitter feed you’ve been looking for, you should definitely follow @usefulbikes.

My Twitter feed is…

  • not a manifesto

    The Twitter feed will not necessarily represent everything you think is important. Chances are, I don’t even know you, let alone know everything you think is important.

  • not a campaign

    It is not intended to meet your cycling campaigning needs, if you have those. Nor your political needs. Nor your need for self expression.

  • not a recommendation

    This stuff is not on Twitter because I think you ought to like it, at all.

  • just some stuff I found

    It’s just some stuff I thought was interesting when I was on Twitter. If you like it too, great.

Alex Bailey

“Okay, take me back to Twitter.”