Man cycling for transport in Cambridge

Everything you wanted to know about cycling but were afraid to ask

Which type of bike is best for everyday cycling? Which cycle accessories are useful for commuting? How can you organise your daily routine so that cycling fits in? When you have answers to questions like these, cycling for transport becomes much easier.

Riding a bike can be as easy as catching the bus or jumping in the car. At this site, you can learn about your options when it comes to bikes and cycling accessories. You can also get tips on how to organise all your bike stuff, and how to fit cycling into your daily routine so it doesn’t seem like hard work.

Everything you read on this site is genuine information, written by people who ride bikes to get around town. We’re not part of the cycling industry, we don’t receive advertising revenue and none of the articles are sponsored. We’re not athletes, and we have nothing to prove about ourselves. We are just people who cycle for transport, and this is the guidance we’d give our friends.

How to choose a bike

The Bike section discusses the components that are well suited to commuting, shopping by bike and other kinds of ‘utility cycling’. It explains which items are important for everyday cycling, such as lights and cycle luggage.

How to fit cycling into everyday life

The section on routine covers practical details of integrating cycling with everyday life. Plenty of people are cycling for transport; the ‘Routine’ section shows how they make life a bit easier for themselves.

What to buy from the bike shop

The reviews evaluate bikes, accessories, clothing and tools. They are written by people who have owned the item and used it for utility cycling.

What the jargon means

Bicycle terms are defined in the glossary.

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