What’s in this website?

Cycling For Transport is a website written for people who want to make cycling their main mode of transport for short journeys. It contains information on bicycle components and accessories. It also covers the practicalities of integrating cycling with everyday life. A small number of cycling goods are evaluated in the reviews. For a list of the pages, see the site map. In short, it’s a site about bikes and bike stuff.

What isn’t in this website?

There’s plenty of cycling-related information that isn’t in this website. Some of that information has already been published elsewhere and I can’t improve on it. I’ve tried to keep a tight focus on bikes and bike stuff.

This website won’t tell you how to ride a bike in traffic. That subject has been covered in CycleCraft, a book written by John Franklin and published in the UK by The Stationery Office, while practical cycling tuition is covered in National Standard cycle training courses, such as Bikeability courses.

Neither will it tell you how to repair your bike if it’s broken. That’s covered comprehensively on other websites. There are some excellent video tutorials out there.

Who wrote this site?

The site was written by Alex Bailey, a writer and teacher living in the North of England who cycles for transport.


One evening, a few years ago, I wrote a list of the things to pack for my 13 mile cycle ride to the school where I was working. I kept this scrap of paper in the plastic crate where I stored my bike lights and pump, to remind me to pick up my spare batteries, my waterproofs and a few other things. These items were on the list because at some point I had been out cycling and wished I’d had them with me.

It struck me that this list represented years of cycling experience, and so did my routine of putting my cycling gloves, lights and pump in that crate on a shelf beside the bike, ready to use; it made life easier. So did the fact I hung my bike on a big hook to keep it out of the way. Even the bike itself was the results of a few years trial and error. Why not share that information, I thought. Some day, someone would be searching for it. So I’m sharing. My list of things to pack on a commute is here. That plastic crate and that bike hook are on the Storage page. And there’s as much information here about choosing a bike as anyone could want. And then some.

Where can I find more information like this?

Much of what’s written about cycling online and in magazines is written by sports cyclists for sports cyclists, but not all of it. Some of the websites I’ve found useful are included in the page of links.

It needs more pictures!

This site was written as a hobby project over a period of 18 months and images are being added one by one, as and when they are created. All the photographs were taken by me except where stated.

You haven’t covered my favourite bike/component/accessory! Why not?

The information in the ‘bike’ section is based on my experience of the bikes, components and accessories that I’ve used for utility cycling. There will be bike stuff that’s not included here because I don’t know about it or haven’t used it. I’ve deliberately excluded bike stuff which is very expensive, or stuff that’s not well suited to utility cycling, because this is a website about using ordinary bikes to make everyday journeys.

Will you include a link to my website?

I generally don’t link to external websites based on requests. Most of these requests come from people attempting to improve their page rankings in order to market the services of a client. I get lots of these messages and usually I don’t reply to them.

I found a mistake. How can I tell you about it?

If you find a typo, you can tell me using the contact form.

Technical information about this site

This website is built using WordPress.org and a customised version of the Suffusion theme by Sayontan Sinha. The font used throughout the site (in the headings and the body text) is Cardo, a font distributed by Google.

Social media

Updates are posted on Twitter. There’s a slightly silly page about our Twitter feed here.

Copyright Notice

All content, including the images, on this site is copyright Alex Bailey. A copyright claim appears at the foot of each page. The pictures and text go together and I’ve invested my own time creating this content. Please do not use any of the images or text on any other website or other publication.

Alex Bailey, 14 June 2014