• 700c
    The standard wheel size for road bikes and touring bikes.
  • Bar end shifters
    Gear shifters for the ends of drop bars.
  • Bar ends
    Short extensions for the ends of a flat handlebar.
  • Bottom bracket
    The part that the cranks attach to.
  • Braze-ons
    Small bits of metal brazed to a bicycle frame for fastening components to.
  • Brifters
    Brake levers with integrated gear shifters.
  • BSD (Bead Seat Diameter)
    The diameter of a wheel rim in millimetres.
  • Caliper brakes
    The traditional type of brake.
  • Cantilever brakes
    A type of centre-pull brake seen on old mountain bikes and some touring bikes.
  • Chain stay
    The thin tubes connecting dropouts to bottom bracket at the rear of the frame.
  • Chainring
    The large sprocket near the pedals.
  • Chainset
    The cranks and the chainring(s).
  • Chainwheel
    An American term for chainring.
  • Clipless pedals
    Special pedals for use with cleated cycling shoes.
  • Compact double
    Chainset with two smaller-than-standard chainrings.
  • Compact geometry
    Frame design with a sloping top tube.
  • Crank
    The arm joining the pedal to the bottom bracket.
  • Cyclocross bike
    A type of fast off-road bike, usually designed for drop bars.
  • D-lock
    A type of solid metal bike lock shaped like a D.
  • Derailleur
    The sprung mechanism that shifts the chain onto different sprockets in a derailleur system.
  • Down tube
    The long diagonal tube in a bicycle frame.
  • Drop bars
    The kind of handlebar seen on racer bikes.
  • Dropouts
    The slots for mounting the rear wheel to the bicycle frame.
  • Dual pivot caliper
    More powerful modern version of the traditional brake.
  • Eyelets (frame)
    The holes you bolt the mudguards to.
  • Fixed gear
    A single speed drive train without freewheel.
  • Flat bars
    The kind of handlebar found on mountain bikes.
  • Frameset
    The frame and fork.
  • Freewheel
    Sprocket that allows the rider to coast without pedalling.
  • Friction shifting
    The traditional mode of gear shifting involving a simple gear lever.
  • Head tube
    The very short tube at the front of the bicycle frame.
  • Indexed gearing
    A mode of gear shifting where one shifter click corresponds to one gear.
  • Innertube
    The tube inside a tyre.
  • MTB
    An abbreviation of mountain bike.
  • North Road bars
    A kind of handlebar where the handles sweep back from the centre.
  • OLN
    An abbreviation of Over Lock Nuts, signifying the width of a wheel.
  • P-clips
    Clips that allow mudguards or a rack to be fitted to a bike without eyelets or bosses.
  • Pannier
    A type of cycle luggage that mounts to a rack.
  • Pannier rack
    The metal structure attached to the rear of the frame for carrying luggage.
  • Rack pack
    Small item of cycle luggage that sits on top of a rack.
  • Rapid fire shifters
    A type of gear shifter with two buttons, one to shift up and one to shift down.
  • Road bike
    Style of bike commonly referred to as a 'racer'.
  • Saddlebag
    A type of cycle luggage that attaches to the rear of the saddle.
  • Seat post
    The round tube with a clamp on top that connects the saddle to the bike frame.
  • Seat stay
    Slim tubes at the rear of the frame.
  • Seat tube
    The near-vertical, central tube in a bicycle frame.
  • Sheffield stand
    The standard kind of cycle parking stand in UK towns and cities.
  • Sidewall
    The side of a tyre.
  • Single speed
    A bike with a freewheel but only one gear.
  • SPD
    A clipless pedal system developed by Shimano.
  • Sprocket
    Any of the cogs attached to the back wheel.
  • Stem
    The component that connects the handlebar to the fork.
  • Step-through frame
    A design of frame with a very low top tube, or no top tube at all.
  • STI
    Shimano's brand of integrated gear shifters.
  • Top tube
    The long tube at the top of a bicycle frame.
  • Touring bike
    A type of bike designed for comfortable, long distance journeys with luggage.
  • Track pump
    A vertical pump with a plunger and a hose.
  • Tyre
    The part of the bicycle that makes contact with the road.
  • Tyre flint
    Anything sharp that gets stuck in a tyre.
  • Tyre valve
    The inlet for the innertube.
  • Utility cycling
    A cycle journey made for reasons of transport, rather than leisure or sport.
  • Vee brakes
    A type of side-pull brake.
  • Wheelbase
    The distance between front and rear wheels.


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