Electron Nano 5 LED front light


This inexpensive, stylish LED unit puts out enough light to navigate unlit roads. In an urban setting it only just cuts through street lamp light to light the road 15ft ahead. The beam’s tight spot is rather small at this distance so I consider it a light to ‘be seen’ by and used it in flashing mode.

It is robust enough to be stuffed into a pocket or a bag. The end button is stiff enough not to be pressed by accident when off the bike.

The fact that it uses AAA batteries means replacements and spares are easy to come by. A set of batteries lasted many many hours – so long that, with a weekly charging regime, I never wore the battery flat.

Additional handlebar brackets are available cheaply online in quick release and bolt on varieties, meaning you could use this light on more than one bike.

Reliability:  8 / 10

Practicality:  7 / 10

Power efficiency:  10 / 10

Illumination:  2 / 10

Average score:  6 / 10