Hope Vision One front light


Machined from aluminium, this beast of a bike light has five modes, four of them steady and one flashing, to throw out a tightly focused round beam that illuminates the road well ahead. The second steady mode delivers adequate illumination for a semi-rural night time commute and I do not need to use any more when in the city. On this setting, I find that a set of 2500mAh batteries lasts two hours i.e. just enough to serve a one-hour commute before sunrise and the return journey after dusk. However I always carry a spare set of 4 AA cells because this unit has no power indicator and it just switches off when the battery gets low.

A reassuringly strong cam lever attaches the unit to the handlebar. Another nice feature is a flash when you insert a set of fresh batteries, to signal that electrical contact has been made. Weather sealed with rubber rings on the screw threads, this light should be good in all weathers – although in the 18 months I’ve been using it, I haven’t yet drenched it.

I have however noticed how sensitive it is to battery charging – the cheap charger I had been using just wasn’t providing the requisite run times so I had to invest in one that monitored the charge level of each cell.

If buying online, when it comes to choosing the body colour, be aware that ‘gun smoke’ actually means pale blue.

Reliability:  8 / 10

Practicality:  10 / 10

Power efficiency:  5 / 10

Illumination:  8 / 10

Average score:  8 / 10