Smart Polaris 5 LED front light


This plastic-bodied light has an unusual lens that splits the beam into a tiny central spot with a wide spread of separate spots around it. I consider it a back up light for ‘being seen’ by, rather than a light for illuminating the road ahead.

Battery life is excellent. I never ran down the two AA cells and gave them a top up charge every couple of months.

The lamp body is surprisingly rugged: despite being repeatedly dropped from a gloved hand, due in part to its smooth, featureless surface, it stayed in one piece.

I needed to replace the quick release bracket that my light came with when the pin wore out. Spare brackets are available cheaply online.

Reliability:  6 / 10

Practicality:  3 / 10

Power efficiency:  9 / 10

Illumination:  1/ 10

Average score:  5 / 10