Shirt Shuttle


This pannier-stowable zip-up box aims to protect a shirt from splashes, dirt, creasing and crushing, with the shirt being wrapped around a twelve inch board inside. A lip at the top of the board reinforces the shirt collar in transit while a water-resistant zip keeps out raindrops.

I tested the Shirt Shuttle by packing a shirt as per the instructions and taking it out again. It didn’t deliver on its promise of a crease-free garment. While the collar was well protected, the body of my shirt came out creased and rucked where it had been wrapped around the corners of the board.

In addition, I would be slightly concerned about using this item a few years down the line due to the foam pads used to space the board from the box walls, knowing that foam degrades over time and can leave marks. In conjunction with the brittle-looking plastic used in the coat hanger portion of the folding board, this could affect the product’s longevity.

If you only need to protect the collar of a shirt from being crushed and you’ll wear a jacket at your destination, the ShirtShuttle could work for you. However, a soft-collared shirt can just as easily be rolled for transit and packed into a carrier bag – a technique used by cycle commuters for decades.

Reliability: 4 / 10

Practicality: 4 / 10

Average score: 4 / 10

An edited version of this review appeared in Cycle magazine in January 2012.