Basil Tour Briefcase double pannier


Bought during 2010, this throwover pannier seemed like a good idea with its structured bags, its tough looking nylon exterior and its heel cutaways. However, the back of this bag is bendy. As a result, on its first trip out, which happened to be in central London, the rear corner of one of the bags fouled the spokes of the wheel at which point the bag tore itself a apart. After performing an emergency stop I saw that the back of one of the bags had become detached away from the sides. Luckily the contents hadn’t spilled into the road.

Something more sophisticated than a thin piece of velcro to secure the bottom of the bag would have helped. The webbing straps for attaching the top of this bag did not fasten it tightly enough to the rack – plenty of panniers have spring loaded clasps, including some inexpensive ones.

The wider lesson for me was not to buy luggage online, or at least not to buy luggage based on a photo without having had the opportunity to handle a real example.

Reliability: 0 / 10

Practicality: 2 / 10

Average score: 1 / 10