Halfords soft panniers, large


In 2006 I was given a pair of Halfords own brand panniers. With a soft construction plus a stiffening board bolted to the inside of the back panel, they were large enough to easily take A4 folders or half a dozen carrier bags of shopping between the pair. I used the panniers for three years by which point the relatively thin nylon wore away at the bottom corners.

In this time, the draw string top closure remained attached and the mesh pockets at the back provided useful extra capacity. The rack clips located at the top of the back panels were an excellent feature, comprising a spring-loaded claw to grip the whole circumference of the rack bar.

The size of the bags meant they became heavy when full at which point the carrying handle sewn into the lid seam proved ill-placed, allowing the bottom of the bag to swing inward. A shoulder strap would have been useful.


Reliability: 7 / 10

Practicality: 5 / 10

Average Score: 6 / 10